The following series of pictures are listed in the order of their completion. As my understanding has progressed, my representation of the subject matter has become less governed by and less concerned purely with that subject. The language of photography – how it works, both technically and philosophically – is determined by the limitations of the medium. I seek these rules out in order to describe the bedrock of my practice. My current preoccupations (2012) lie with understanding the many influences of time on the medium.

This Side of the Tees

This Side of the Tees (2008)

An exploration of the poetry to be found in the man-made in and around Middlesbrough.

Le Front de Seine

Building Communities (2009)

Le Front de Seine in Paris is an estate built in a way that suggests the architects tried to force their design on the residents. They in turn have sought to personalise their surrounds.

Saltburn beach

The Cleveland Coast (2005-2010)

The coast from Middlesbrough to Whitby is a photographic treasure trove: geology and history combine in a beguiling range of textures and colours.


Whitby (2010)

This series is the result of a technical exercise with a genuine, Victorian lens. Whitby is well known as the location for many Sutcliffe pictures, so the comparisons are inevitable. This alerted me to the fact that a lens signature is commonly identified with a particular period.

Transporter Bridge

100 Beats of the Clock (2011)

To mark the centenary of the Transporter Bridge, I used a lens-camera combination contemporary with the bridge's construction.

The Moors

The Moors (2012)

This project continues my exploration of vintage lenses philosophically by investigating the influence of time in photography and technically by delving in to pictorialism and the Van Dyke Brown printing process.

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